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Maria and Frank D'Agostini -  Wedding photo, family and friends.JPG
Maria and Frank D'Agostini were married at Our Lady of Mercy Church, in Sarnia, on March 15, 1958. A celebration and reception took place with about 100 guests at a small hall on Water Street in Sarnia.

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Photo Binder20 (1).jpg
This birth certificate is of Vulcania Domenica Maria Di Maria (Mamie Vani), who was born aboard the ship Vulcania. At the time of her birth her mom was en route to Canada.

Social activity of St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Women's League of St. Peter's Catholic Church.3 copy.jpeg

The members of Members of St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Women's League of St. Peter's Catholic Church enjoyed social activities together such as friendly game of cards.

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Many Italians in Sarnia from c. 1950's - 1970's had Dr. Carpeneto, who spoke Italian, as a family physician. He was a household name to the community.

Photo Binder35 (1).jpg
The photograph was taken prior to the Sandrin family moving to Sarnia-Lambton. The Sandrin family moved from Kirkland lake to Sarnia around 1938. They established Sandrin Brothers Inc. today called Sandrin Services Inc. This is a machine shop…

Photo Binder12 (1).jpg
This photograph depicts the background of the large influx of Italian immigrants who came to Sarnia-Lambton after the Second World War. Canada required workers "with callouses on their hands" as it was growing industrially after World War II. A…

Identification card
From left to right Lucia Astolfi, Antonio Astolfi, Julia Astolfi on an identification card used during war years for border crossing to the United States from Canada. They were among the earliest Italian immigrants to Sarnia. This identification card…

Photo Binder64 (1).jpg
An advertisement indicating the promoting and describing "Macaroni" (Pasta). This indicates that as early as 1901 this small store in Sarnia, began to sell Italian products.

Photo Binder62 (1).jpg
From left to right Letizia Iacobelli, Lea Rocco, Antonietta Rocca. These Italian women were core members of the Italian group of St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Women's League of St. Peter's Church, Sarnia. They were excellent cooks and would…

Photo Binder74 (1).jpg
This employee pass for this Italian immigrant labourer and his wife, who lived in Sarnia. He had been employed by the Canadian National Railway prior to 1939.

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Homes Foundry placed advertisements in northern Italy in the 1920's to recruit foundry workers. 10 to 15 families arrived and were housed in row housing on Berkley Street, near Holmes Foundry. Neither Holmes Foundry nor Berkley exist any longer. …

Executive of St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Women's League
St. Peter's Church in Sarnia, was the gathering place of faith for Italians in Sarnia since about 1958. The Italian CWL, St. Francis Cabrini, was founded and officially registered the same year with the assistance of Fr. Calandra and 35 founding…

Photo Binder10 (1).jpg
Anna Recchia a member of the Di Rezze family in front of family home in Casalvieri, Frosinone. This photo provides a visual memory for the Di Rezze family of their place of origin. It was their family home for generations until the 1950s when a…

Photo Binder138 (2).jpg
The Italian Catholic Women's League of St. Francis Cabrini was a religious organization within St. Peter's Church of Sarnia. The members organized many activities including a choir where they sang Italian hymns and Italian folk songs at the church…

This traditional dress was made for Antonia Rocca around 1949 before she came to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. It was made for Antonia's wedding and then worn only on special occasions.
This dress was made by hand by two women living in Vicalvi and…

Photo Binder161 (1).jpg
The Dante Club Hall, built in 1967, is the physical presence of the Italian-Canadian community in Sarnia. The hall was built as a home for the Italians to socialize, celebrate and share their culture. Although the founding of the Dante Club, as…

Palma Di Cocco -  Rocco's DIctionary and grammar to learn english (4).JPG

Palma Di Cocco -  Rocco DI Cocco's Military Exemption.JPG
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