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Palma Di Cocco -  Palma's Nephews' first communion.JPG

Palma Di Cocco -  Palma's mum, Clementina, original passport italian (1).JPG
Clementina was sponsored by her daughter Palma Di Cocco, to come to Sarnia, Ont. Canada in 1971. This passport was used for her entry into Canada as a permanent resident.

Palma Di Cocco -  Palma's Italian Identity Card (2).JPG
This identity document was part of the paperwork required to emigrate to Canada.

Palma Di Cocco -  Palma's Certificate of citizenship.JPG

Palma Di Cocco -  Palma and husband Rocco.JPG
1966: Palma and her husband Rocco at their first home on Collingwood St. Sarnia. Palma was expecting her daughter Laura.

Palma Di Cocco -  Palma in front of her house in Sarnia (pregnant with daughter Laura).JPG
Palma is standing beside her home on Collingwood

Palma Di Cocco -  origninal italian passport (1).JPG
This passport showed the window of time available to enter Canada.

Palma Di Cocco -  From left - Giuseppe, son Domenic, and Rosalia Iafrate (nee Di Cocco).JPG
The family of Giuseppe Iafrate , son Domenic Iafrate , and wife Rosalia Iafrate (nee Di Cocco) emigrated to Sarnia, Ont. Canada in the early 1950s. Giuseppe and Rosalia sponsored their brothers to come to Sarnia, Ont. Canada. In turn, after some…

Palma Di Cocco -  From left - Ernesto Cocozolli, Rocco Di Cocco (hus of Palma), Orazio Di Cocco (2).JPG
Residents at 182 Gordon's Street, Sarnia Ontario. The three men arrived in Sarnia all sponsored by relatives already living in Sarnia. This phenomenon of family ties sponsorship came to be known as chain migration.

Palma Di Cocco -  Birth certificate of Palma's Mum, Clementina, DI Cocco nee Di Carlo (2).JPG
This document was part of the necessary paperwork for the application to come to Canada. Clementina was sponsored by her daughter Palma Di Cocco, who was already living in Sarnia, Ont. with her her husband. Clementina was able to come to Sarnia…

Maria Dottori - Their old family home as the Dottori's went home for the first time after emigrating (2).JPG
Maria Dottori grew up in this house, with all her family until she left for Canada in 1953. She was 20 years of age at the time of her departure. This photograph was taken around 1964 when Maria returned to Italy on vacation with her husband and…

Maria Dottori - Pilgrimage to religious monument before emigration.JPG

Maria Dottori - Photo of family with 3 cousins who were Franciscan priests.JPG
Maria'a came from a religious family. This family photo has 3 cousins who were Franciscan priests. In Sarnia, Maria was very active in St. Peter's Church that specifically served the Italian community in Sarnia.

Maria Dottori - Maria with her goddaughter on her way to confirmation.JPG
The traditions of the Catholic Church were strongly held. In this picture Maria is participating in her goddaughter's First Communion celebration.

Maria Dottori - Italian Passport (2).JPG
This Passport was part of the necessary documents required to emigrate to Canada.

Maria Dottori - Her communion photo with 5 other families.JPG
Maria Dottori's family practiced faithfully the traditions of their Roman Catholic faith. First communion was one of the important religious traditions that was celebrated. Maria continued to practice her religious traditions when she came to…

Maria Dottori - Girls including Maria's sister and her sister's boyfriend in Italy.JPG
This photo includes Maria's sister and her sister's boyfriend on an outing in Italy, prior to Maria emigrating to Canada.

Maria Dottori - Copy of Citizenship.JPG
Attaining a Canadian Citizenship was an important milestone is settling in Canada.

Maria and Frank D'Agostini - Frank on the Saturnia en route to Canada.JPG
In 1958 Frank D'Agostini boarded the ship Saturnia in Naples, sailed to Halifax. There he boarded a train for Toronto where he then continued, on a connecting train, to his final destination, Sarnia, Ont.

IMAG0358 (1).JPG
The Navelli Club of Sarnia was founded in 1977 to honour the patron saint of the town of Navelli in Abbruzzi, Italy. The founders of this club were families who had immigrated to Sarnia from this town.

IMAG0356 (1).JPG
Assunta Giancarlo's 45 years service certificate given by the St. Peter's Church, Italian Catholic Women's League

IMAG0355 (1).JPG
This note is a written testimony of the committee members and founding members of the Navelli Club of Sarnia.

IMAG0354 (1).JPG
St. Peter's Church - Committee members of Navelli Club/Feast of St. Sebastian 1979

IMAG0351 (1).JPG
This legal document of occupation was a necessary part of the paperwork for emigrating to Canada.

IMAG0350 (1).JPG
This legal document of occupation, from the prefecture of the province of Fronsinone, was necessary to emigrate to Canada.
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