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About ICAP

ICAP, a charitable organization, is a national network of dedicated individuals, institutions and organizations who collaborate to locate, preserve and make accessible the stories and materials on the Italian-Canadian narrative.
ICAP is doing this by connecting experts with local communities to raise awareness and engage its members. This awareness leads to the process of how to rescue and preserve Italian-Canadian history at a local level. ICAP has created an ever-expanding network of collaboration between institutions, experts, individuals and community groups. Through these collaborations the Italian-Canadian narrative is identified and preserved in cities and towns across Canada.
ICAP organizes a national conference every year in different locations in Canada. These conferences serve as a national forum to share and broaden the conversation that exists in Canada, of the different narratives and ways of preserving them.
ICAP's web site provides information to facilitate, connect and educate interested individuals and institutions. ICAP's mandate is a 21st century approach that is unique and has been shown to work well.
The Royal Society of Canada in a recent report, singled out and praised ICAP for its initiative in which “…mainstream archives and (Italian-Canadian) communities assume distributed custody of their cultural memory texts.”
For the past six years ICAP’s work has evolved through the assistance of the Mariano A. Elia Chair in Italian-Canadian Studies (York University) and the generosity of its (working) board who have volunteered their expertise and also provided financial support. This generosity has built a strong foundation for ICAP.