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Identification card
From left to right Lucia Astolfi, Antonio Astolfi, Julia Astolfi on an identification card used during war years for border crossing to the United States from Canada. They were among the earliest Italian immigrants to Sarnia. This identification card…

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This employee pass for this Italian immigrant labourer and his wife, who lived in Sarnia. He had been employed by the Canadian National Railway prior to 1939.

Sisters-in-Law sharing a moment while cooking Sunday supper for the family.

Rita Iannozzi (née Caschera) and her husband Cataldo Iannozzi in 1984

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The brother of Rita Iannozzi (née Caschera), Angelo Caschera in his store he owned and ran in Venezuela.

A photograph mailed to Canada in 1963. Pictured are Augusta and Beniomino Iannozzi, parents of Cataldo Iannozzi, and parents-in-law to Rita Iannozzi (née Caschera).
Cataldo emigrated to Canada in 1959 with a promise to come back in a couple years…

This is Cataldo Iannozzi's original Italian passport he used to emigrate from Italy to Canada.
In the second image we can see in the top right "Canada con eventuale transito S.U.America" meaning, he originally planned to eventually travel to the…

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An advertisement indicating the promoting and describing "Macaroni" (Pasta). This indicates that as early as 1901 this small store in Sarnia, began to sell Italian products.


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