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The Dante Club Hall, built in 1967, is the physical presence of the Italian-Canadian community in Sarnia. The hall was built as a home for the Italians to socialize, celebrate and share their culture. Although the founding of the Dante Club, as…

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Palma Di Cocco -  Birth certificate of Palma's Mum, Clementina, DI Cocco nee Di Carlo (2).JPG
This document was part of the necessary paperwork for the application to come to Canada. Clementina was sponsored by her daughter Palma Di Cocco, who was already living in Sarnia, Ont. with her her husband. Clementina was able to come to Sarnia…

Palma Di Cocco -  From left - Ernesto Cocozolli, Rocco Di Cocco (hus of Palma), Orazio Di Cocco (2).JPG
Residents at 182 Gordon's Street, Sarnia Ontario. The three men arrived in Sarnia all sponsored by relatives already living in Sarnia. This phenomenon of family ties sponsorship came to be known as chain migration.

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Anna Recchia a member of the Di Rezze family in front of family home in Casalvieri, Frosinone. This photo provides a visual memory for the Di Rezze family of their place of origin. It was their family home for generations until the 1950s when a…

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From left to right Letizia Iacobelli, Lea Rocco, Antonietta Rocca. These Italian women were core members of the Italian group of St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Women's League of St. Peter's Church, Sarnia. They were excellent cooks and would…

Executive of St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Women's League
St. Peter's Church in Sarnia, was the gathering place of faith for Italians in Sarnia since about 1958. The Italian CWL, St. Francis Cabrini, was founded and officially registered the same year with the assistance of Fr. Calandra and 35 founding…

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The Italian Catholic Women's League of St. Francis Cabrini was a religious organization within St. Peter's Church of Sarnia. The members organized many activities including a choir where they sang Italian hymns and Italian folk songs at the church…

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Assunta Giancarlo - Report Card 1941, age 9.jpg

Assunta Giancarlo - Telegrams of congratulation for wedding 19561.jpg

Assunta Giancarlo - Assunta age 18.jpg

The brother of Rita Iannozzi (née Caschera), Angelo Caschera in his store he owned and ran in Venezuela.

Antonio Giancarlo (husband of Assunta) - Citizenship (1).JPG

Antonio Giancarlo (husband of Assunta) - Citizenship (2).JPG

Assunta Giancarlo - Advert for town of Navelli.JPG

Assunta Giancarlo - Assunta Age 19 or 20.jpg

Assunta Giancarlo - Assunta and son Luigi, passport photo 1958.jpg

Assunta Giancarlo - Assunta and the Catholic Women's League, 1952.jpg

Assunta Giancarlo - Assunta and Tony in front of the second home, 714 Guthrie .jpg

Assunta Giancarlo - Assunta and Tony wedding, Jan 22 1956 - san sebastien.jpg

Assunta Giancarlo - Assunta as a religion teacher for the Young Catholic Women's league.jpg

Assunta Giancarlo - Assunta on hill above Navelli aged 22-ish.jpg

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